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And rather than bore you with a long dissertation as to how great I am, I will simply state the facts that you are seeking.

Like yourself, I too experienced similar, if not the same, imbalances that you are currently encountering ... a ton of tasks on your “to-do” list and never enough time to get them done. Having spent the past 25+ years of my career in corporate America in positions ranging from Executive Assistant, Project Manager, Human Resources Manager, Contract Administrator, Human Resources Director, just to name a few, let's say my range of skills is "off the chart". After consistently delivering unprecedented service and meeting tight deadlines after deadlines for unappreciative corporate America, I decided to take my passion and create a dream - my own virtual assistant company, No Time To Waste Virtual Assistant! With a degree in Marketing Management, roughly three decades of combined administrative, project management, and event planning experience within various industries, seizing the opportunity on this niched market was a "no-brainer".

Let's talk skills, I am certified in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook as well as knowledgeable in a soiree of other software. Guess what? I recently added a travel agent to my roster of skills as I wanted my clients to experience a "one-stop shopping" experience. My superior organizational and time management skills coupled with my computer skills will ensure you get the results you want and deserve. The time is now, relieve yourself from the chaos of disorganization so you can focus on more profitable opportunities. Consider allowing me to assist you in that journey.

I thank you for considering my agency and I look forward to working with you.

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